How To Find, Buy, Renovate And Profit From Run Down Properties In High Growth Areas
Dear Investor,
There’s a lucrative property strategy that few investors ever master....

It’s a strategy that lets you pinpoint the next growth areas with laser precision, negotiate deals under the market, and predictably add huge slabs of equity to your investments with your own bare hands.

It has the power to grow your portfolio (and your wealth) faster and with less risk than any other strategy…

It works in virtually any market conditions…

And… It’s a heap of fun.

Some people get lucky with property, I’m about to show you how to make your own luck with strategic renovation. Read on…
The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Helps You Master Strategic Renovation In 3 Distinct Ways...
A clear step-by-step path to follow:

1. Defining Your Strategy And Goals

2. Buying Under Market In High Growth areas

3. Strategic Renovation To Make A Profit

4. How to Purchase Again Without A Deposit
The repeatable formula of checklists & templates:

1. Step-by-Step Renovation Templates

2. Proven And Effective Colour Palettes & Style Guides

3. Profit Calculators & Checklists

4. Suburb Software & Tutorials

Dedicated monthly calls to answer all your questions:

1. Property Investment Strategy Questions Answered

2. Property Reviews & Feedback

3. Renovation Questions Answered

4. Finance Questions Answered
There’s a whole world of opportunity waiting for you in run down property…
Stop Working For Your Money. Put Your Money To Work For You Instead.
A successful property portfolio is like a money tree that provides for you 24/7… even on the days you want to sleep in!

Uncover The High-Growth Areas And Undervalued Properties In Any Market...
… So you can snap them up, renovate and profit before other investors even know they exist.

Renovate Strategically To Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Investment - In Just Weeks…
With the right renovation you’ll easily make $2, $3 or even $4 for every $1 you spend - it’s the simplest way to improve your equity position almost overnight.
All of this is possible if you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with strategic renovation.
Hi, Jane Slack-Smith here,

I’ve been a successful property renovator for the past 19 years.

In that time I’ve grown my portfolio from $0 to over $8,000,000 - starting with just $45k….

I’ve escaped working in a coal mine (literally!), and followed my passion for turning run-down properties into sought after homes…

I’ve also created more financial freedom for myself and my family than I ever could have imagined.

Over the past thirteen years, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring thousands of other investors to invest using the strategic renovation process. And now I’d like to help you do the same.

Like these guys…

“You have turned my life around”
I did a mini renovation in January increasing the value by at least $120,000. I hope you share my pride because you have turned my life around...
Pam, NSW
“I made $70,000 on this house and now I’m ready to buy another one!” (UPDATE: At last valuation Russell has made $298,000 on this house alone)
We had a valuation done today which came back at $710,000! An increase of $70,000 in equity achieved over 16 days... And now I’m ready to buy another one!
Russell, Vic
“From $456,000 to $775,00! Quite frankly, I still cannot believe is true.”
I bought a unit in Kingsford 2009 for $456,00. I spent $30K on a renovation, changing floor plan to make it a 3 bed. I had it re-valued on Monday at $775K!!! I am taking absolutely no credit for this (well OK just a little), it’s all Jane Slack-Smith and another exceptional example of The Trid3nt Strategy®
Peta, NSW
Now, through the process of mentoring these investors (and through my own trials and tribulations) I’ve learned that all investors come up against the same obstacles on their way to renovation success...
The 3 Most Common Obstacles Keeping Would-Be Renovators From Building Wealth With Property…
1) LOCATION CONFUSION: How Do I Find The Right Area To Buy?
It’s one of the biggest challenges in the property game…

How do you find the suburb… the street… and the precise property that is going to appreciate in value?

How do you find that gold nugget property that will grow above the rate of the rest of the market?

Does any of this sound familiar...
  • ​You’re watching a handful of suburbs for hints of infrastructure investment… new train lines… or population growth… but don’t really know what to look for?
  • ​You’re looking at property in areas that you ‘like’ and wondering whether they’re a good investment?
  • ​Or maybe you’re just looking in areas you know… or where you currently live?
If that sounds like you, you might resonate with Vanessa’s story:
“I could not find the right suburb... And then in module 2 and 3 I learnt not only how to Identify the suburb, but the specific street... You know, that to me is invaluable information…”
Vanessa, Vic
The Bottom Line: Finding the right location (and the right property in that location) becomes a science once you know the proven process, and have access to the right tools. If you feel like you’re guessing… your research isn’t done.
2)  I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME: I’m Too Busy To Renovate…
Do you work full time? Have young children? Already feel like there’s zero hours in the day?

TIME is our most precious resource. And it keeps many would-be renovators from property wealth.

If lack of time is getting in your way… I completely understand. It’s our modern lifestyle, when do you have time to do anything??? However there is a simple solution once you have the knowledge, you can use a professional to find your property like Stretton did:
“I decided to use a buyer's agent to find and negotiate this property because I didn't have the time... However, I gave them a strict criteria only show me properties that had the ability to manufacture equity through renovation... And we concentrated the search in the specific suburbs that were likely experience capital growth. The buyer's agent secured an off market deal for $400,000 which is approximately 5% below the price of other comparable properties in the area!”
Stretton, QLD
The Bottom Line: Finding the right location (and the right property in that location) becomes a science once you know the proven process, and have access to the right tools. If you feel like you’re guessing… your research isn’t done.
3)  FEAR OF THE FUTURE: What Happens If I Lose E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G?
Let's face it, the future can be scary.

If you’ve ever found yourself teetering on the edge of the property pool… but too afraid to jump in… Russell’s story will give you hope.

Russell had talked about investing in property for 25 years before taking the plunge.

Twenty. Five. Years.

He would look at properties… get excited… and then pull out.

“What if something happens?... What if I lose my job?... What if I run out of money?... What if something goes wrong and I end up with nothing?”

These were the thoughts that kept him paralysed for decades.

Then, everything changed.

He joined The Ultimate Guide To Renovation and followed the Trid3nt Strategy to a tee.

He bought a property for $40,000 below market value.

Spent $8,300 to conduct a 16-day renovation…

And bumped the value up by a cool $70,000. (That’s $8.43 for every $1 spent.)

Not bad for 16 days work.

And since finding this risk-minimising property strategy, fear of failure is a thing of the past:
“I don’t know what I was scared of before, now we’re ready to go again!”
The Bottom Line: There’s no such thing as a crystal ball in property, but with the right approach, you can reduce your risk on three separate fronts:

1) You buy in the right area (using a scientific approach).

2) You buy under market value...

3) You add your own equity through strategic property improvements.

Do all these things and your risk of losing money is very, very low.  
Everything Holding You Back From Property Success Boil Down To One Thing…
Without a proven blueprint to follow from start to finish, renovating for profit is a scary path...

Every twist, every turn, there seems to be a new trap waiting to bring you unstuck and eat your money. For newbie renovators, taking one peek down this path can be enough to send your running…

But let me tell you right now, that would be the ultimate mistake...

You see… on the other side of the confusion and overwhelm, there’s a property paradise waiting for you. A paradise where you can find undervalued properties with predictability. Where you can build your own equity. Where the risk of failure is very, very slim… and where there’s potential to earn kingdoms of wealth.

And now, I’d like to hand you a proven map through the renovation jungle and to this promised land…
Introducing The Ultimate Guide To Renovation…
Say Goodbye To Property Confusion And Hello To Predictable, Low Risk & Lucrative Investing
The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Is a 12-week video course that walks everyday investors, step-by-step, through the process of finding, buying, renovating and profiting from run-down properties in high growth areas.

We’ll take you through the entire process from finding the exact property (that will grow in value significantly faster than the rest of the market), right through to negotiating the best deal, and conducting strategic renovations so you make at least $2, $3 or even $4 for every $1 spent on improvements.
Will The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Work For You?
If you are willing to put in a little extra work upfront and get your hands dirty (although this part is not compulsory) to create a high performing property portfolio, then The Ultimate Guide To Renovation is for you.

Our ideal members fall into one of these categories:
Ready To Take Action First Time Investors
Whether you have been thinking about investing for a long time and now need to take action fast, or you are just discovering property investing for the first time… The Ultimate Guide To Renovation will help you get started the right way.

It’s far more than a renovation course... We believe It’s the most comprehensive online property investment course, on the market, in Australia.

Time poor professionals, home renovators, and those committed to investing intelligently and effectively, are all ideal for The Ultimate Guide To Renovation.
Running Out Of Time
Do you need to achieve financial security for yourself and family before it’s too late?

The truth is, as you get older and have less time in the workforce, banks will view you differently - and it gets tougher to get finance.

Your window is closing, which is why it’s so important to move now and achieve substantial results in the minimal amount of time.

The Ultimate Guide To Renovation will show you how leverage your time and resources for maximum wealth in minimum time.

Already-Successful Property Investors
Do you want to take your property investing to a whole new level?

Perhaps you already own an investment property and have had some success, but you want to do more…

Maybe you have a strong desire to grow your residential property portfolio and have identified strategic renovation as the safest, most effective path forward.

If so, The Ultimate Guide To Renovation will show you the exact steps to invest with absolute confidence in the current market..

If any of the above sound like you…
I’ll Personally Walk You Through Every Single Step Of My Proven Trid3nt Strategy (So Absolutely Nothing Is Left To Chance)…
The Trid3nt Strategy® Uses Three Proven Pillars To Minimise Your Risk And Maximise Your Upside Potential...
  • PILLAR ONE: Buy In Above-Average Growth Pockets
  • PILLAR TWO: Buy Below Market Value
  • PILLAR THREE: Add Your Own Equity Through Strategic Renovation
How would you like to learn the exact Trid3nt Strategy® I’ve used to grow my personal property portfolio from $0 to over $8,000,000?
And how would you like me to personally guide you through every single step, so there’s virtually no way you can make costly mistakes?

Well, that’s exactly what the Ultimate Guide To Renovation delivers.

You’ll learn my proven Trid3nt Strategy® at a level of detail that very few investors ever get to experience. (There are over 80 hours of premium video content where I give you the best of what I know.)

Some students have said it’s like downloading and installing my 19 years of property knowledge into their own brain!

And we leave no stone unturned…

I’ll guide you in detail through...
  • My scientific property research process to identify the small number of suburbs that will outperform the market - so you only invest in areas that are set to boom. (Even if you only followed this process, you’d be lightyears ahead of most investors.)
  • How to use the “Dotmap” exercise to instantly predict property trends with spooky accuracy…
  • How to use the Suburb Selector Software (and other little-known tools) to find the exact streets that will bring you the best returns. (Some streets outperform the rest of a suburb by 40% or more -- I’ll show you how to find these streets without fail.)
  • My 4 step process to find the properties with the most lucrative ‘renovation potential’ (Many properties are run down, but only some have the potential to make you a fortune. I’ll show you how to spot the difference and how to avoid common traps.)
  • The 5 different types of renovation and how to choose the best one for you…
  • How to conduct the perfect cosmetic renovation to add tens of thousands of dollars to your property in a matter of weeks. (You’ll get to watch as I conduct a real-world renovation and talk you through the entire process.)
  • How to use the “Box On The Back” strategy to bump your property into a whole new price bracket… With this strategy you can quickly turn a 3 bedroom shack into a 5 bedroom townhouse. All it takes is some strategically selected building techniques, and a simple plan. (This is my favourite type of renovation… and where real money can be made.)
  • How to bid at auction (and negotiate ‘off market’) to buy houses for far less than what they’re worth. (Do this correctly and you’ll have made money before the deal is even settled!)
  • How to structure your financing so you can scale your portfolio fast! (and avoid common, and costly borrowing blunders.)
  • Simple “property staging” tricks to impress valuers and attract top dollar for your newly-renovated masterpiece. (This is equally as important whether you want to access your equity to grow your portfolio -- or -- sell your property and cash in.)
  • ​And heaps more.
Go Through The Course At Your Own Pace, In Your Own Time, From Anywhere With An Internet Connection…
The Ultimate Guide To Renovation is broken down into 12 in-depth video training modules. And each module is made up of bite size, easy-to-watch videos - All so you can fit your property education around your life. (Not the other way around.)

You can consume this content on the train… in bed… at your desk… in the car. Anywhere, anytime.

All you need is a tablet, smartphone, computer or smart TV with an internet connection -- and you’ll have access to the secure, members-only content portal.

Inside the portal, you’ll also get:
  • Detailed checklists to guide you through almost every process in your investing journey… so you never miss a crucial step.
  • Templates, building plans and downloads to slash hours from your research, transaction and due diligence work…
  • Software to give you “crystal ball” insights into the market with the click of a few buttons…
  •  Real life case studies so you can watch strategic renovations take shape and see the theories in action…
  • And more...
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  • 12-Month Access To ​The Suburb Selector Software (Normally $997)
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator (Ensure a profit for before you buy)
  • ​12 Months Trade Discount Card (Bargains all around Australia)






  • ​12-Month Access To ​The Suburb Selector Software (Normally $997)
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator (Ensure a profit for before you buy)
  • ​12 Months Trade Discount Card (Bargains all around Australia)
Need Help or Have Questions?
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Here’re The 12 Steps You’ll Learn (In Detail) To Grow Your Portfolio Using Strategic Renovation
Module 1: Mapping A Path To Your Version of Property Paradise
In Module 1, You’ll Uncover Your Deepest Financial and Lifestyle Goals And Set Your Foundation For Long-Term Property Success (Whatever That Means To You)

As Abraham Lincoln once said: “If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe”

Many property investors miss the critical goal-setting step and set themselves up for failure from the very beginning. They enter the market with no direction, no clear strategy and usually fall into one of two traps:

They buy property on emotion (not logic) and get stuck with a “money pit” that causes stress, eats cash and never provides a worthwhile return.

1.They try to follow EVERY strategy they stumble upon, get overwhelmed by conflicting advice, and give up on property entirely.

2. This module is all about getting clear on your goals and setting a strategy that will lead you to your version of property paradise.

So, what’s paradise for you?

Do you want to retire young and financially free? Spend time travelling the world with your family? Become a full-time property mogul? Or just grow a secure nest egg so you never have to worry about money again?

In Module One, we walk you through the entire goal setting process so you get ultra clear on:
  • Your financial objectives - down to the exact dollar amount of cash flow - and equity - you want to be earning from your portfolio).
  • The precise timeframe to reach this objective - So you reach financial freedom at the right time to actually enjoy the lifestyle you’ve planned out.
  • Your appetite for risk, so you can avoid sleepless nights and “holding pressure” that many inexperienced investors get themselves into.
  • Your big reason “why” - Are you investing in property so you can send your kids to the best university? So you can retire young, buy a yacht and sail around the world? Or maybe you’re planning to support your parents through their retirement? Whatever your “why” we’ll help you get crystal clear on it, and leverage it, so you stay laser focussed and motivated when things get tough.
During Module 1, You’ll Learn…
Video 1: Introduction 01:26

Video 2: Goals 08:11

Video 3: Strategy Selection 11:36

Video 4: Types of Renovation 15:15
Done For You Resources
  • ​Module 1 Workbook
  • ​Goal Setting Spreadsheet
  • ​Cash Flow Tracker
  • ​Glossary Of Terms
  • ​My Professionals Checklist
  • ​Questions For Accountant
Module 2: Uncovering The ‘Hot-Spot’ Suburbs That Are Set To Explode Over The Next 3-15 Years
Suburb selection is perhaps the single biggest reason renovations fail to make a profit.

This module walks you through the proven fundamentals of uncovering ‘hot spot’ areas. You’ll learn what to look out for, what to avoid and how to get the facts about which areas are set to grow.

You’ll also be introduced to powerful research tools -- like the Suburb Selector Software -- that fast track your entire research process so it takes hours not months.

In Module 2, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: How Much Can You Borrow? 10:09

Video 2: Finding Your Hot Spots 05:44

Video 3: Research Research Research 10:54

Video 4: Suburb Selection 10:42

Video 5: Demographics 101 14:03

Video 5A: RP Data 10:46

Video 6: Welcome to Location Masterclass 04:55

Video 7: The Dot Map Exercise 13:25

Video 8: Top 5 Hotspotting 06:09

Video 9: The Suburb Selector Software P1 14:17

Video 10: The Suburb Selector Software P2 16:06
Done For You Resources
  • ​Location Masterclass Workbook
  • ​Suburb Selector Software (normally valued at $997)
  • ​User Guide To Property Data
  • ​Suburb Selection Spreadsheet
  • ​Purchase Price Ready Reckoner Spreadsheet
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 3 - Honing In On The Exact Streets Where Fortunes Can Be Made
It’s not enough to know the right suburb... You also need to know the most lucrative streets within those suburbs.

In all suburbs, even good ones, there are desirable and less desirable areas... You DO NOT want to purchase in the less desirable areas (even in a good suburb).

On the flip side, when invest on the right streets you’ll enjoy great growth... and very low risk.

We call these areas ‘The pockets of potential’.

In this module we introduce sophisticated tools and software previously unavailable to the general public. Now you can uncover these “Pockets of Potential” with clock-like predictability.

By the end of this module you won’t just know the best suburbs… you’ll know the precise streets where the biggest money can be made.

In Module 3, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: Your Individual Shortlisted Suburbs 14:52

Video 2: Individual Analysis - Suburbview 08:40

Video 3: Individual Analysis - RP Data 07:39

Video 4: Your Target Market 14:09

Video 5: The Price Pin Map 07:53

Video 6: Ripehouse Sweetspots 09:46

Video 7: RP Data Professional 10:55

Video 8: Your Final Shortlist 06:17

Video 9: Bonus Video: Census Map 07:03

Video 10: Bonus Video: 18:36
Done For You Resources
  • ​Location Masterclass Workbook
  • ​Module 3 Open for Inspection Checklist
  • ​Module 3 Renovation Potential Checklist
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 4 - Choosing The Properties With Maximum Renovation Potential
Many properties are clearly in need of a renovation... But surprisingly few properties have the capacity to generate a profit.

So is it possible to be absolutely sure that a property can make a profit before you purchase?


In fact you should never purchase a property without knowing it can make a profit...

By the end of this module you will have learnt our 4 Step Property Due Diligence Process. Combine this with our Quickquote Renovation Expense Calculator and you’ll be able to work out exactly how much a property is worth to you… before you spend a cent.

In Module 4, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: The Right Property 12:03

Video 2: The Property Inspection 13:53

Video 3: Recognising a Property’s Potential 04:22

Video 4: A Desirable Location & End Value 04:12

Video 5: RP Data - Property Due Diligence 06:00
Done For You Resources
  • ​Step 1 - The Property Inspection Checklist
  • ​Step 2 - The Property Appraisal Checklist
  • ​Step 3 - The Property Evaluation Checklist
  • ​Step 4 - The Due Diligence Checklist
  • ​Agent Buying Criteria Template
  • ​RP Data Tutorials & Pricing
Module 5 - Structuring Your Finances: Laying The Foundation For Rapid Portfolio Growth
An extremely important part of building a property investment portfolio is having the right finance and lending structures in place from the very beginning.

So many people get stuck in the wrong structure which locks them into a rigid position and doesn’t allow them to grow their portfolio with the flexibility they really need.

In this module you’ll learn how to best pay for your renovation project, as well as laying a solid financial structure to grow your portfolio to reach your goals.

By the end of this module you will understand the methods used by professional renovators and investors to estimate and finance a project.

In Module 5, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: Rules of Thumb 10:03

Video 2: Estimating Costs 06:40

Video 3: Financing the Deal 04:32

Video 4: Pre-approval and Lender Terminology 15:25

Video 5: What You Earn - What You Owe 04:35

Video 6: Self-employed & Low Doc Loans 05:47

Video 7: Savings & Equity 12:11

Video 8: Interest Only & Lender Exposure 06:43

Video 9: Finance Structures 08:29
Done For You Resources
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator - Cosmetic Renovation Budget
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator - Structural Renovation Budget
  • ​Budget Tutorial Video
  • ​Archicentre Cost Guide
  • ​Service Seeking Pricing Guide
  • ​Renovation Rule of Thumb Calculator
  • ​Purchase Cost & Return Calculator
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 6 - Offers, Negotiations & Auctions: How To Buy Under Market & Profit From Day 1
Discover the most powerful and effective ways to negotiate your way to profits and avoid paying too much for a property

This is one of our most popular modules… and for good reason.

Have you ever walked away from purchasing something feeling that you paid too much?

There’s nothing worse.

But when you walk away knowing you just landed the deal of a lifetime, you’ll have a spring in your step!

This module is all about becoming a master negotiator, and putting together deals that sellers cannot refuse.

The best bit, they’re completely win-win…

You get the property you want, for a bargain price, and the seller walks away with everything they need.

In Module 6, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: Deciding the Offer Amount 05:44

Video 2: How is a Property Sold 05:32

Video 3: Making an Offer 06:17

Video 4: Conditions of Offer 12:53

Video 5: Negotiating 09:12

Video 6: Auctions 13:02
Done For You Resources
  • ​Multiple Offer Template (‘This or that template’)
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 7 - Project Management Masterclass: How To Keep Your Reno On Budget, On Schedule and Manage Tradespeople With Ease
This valuable module concentrates on how to effectively manage your renovation on time and on budget, as well as providing helpful tips on managing your tradespeople.

Do you know the order in which a renovation should take place? Or how to create an itemised budget and then manage it with the minimum amount of effort once the project is underway?

This module on project management is taken from over 25 years of hard won experience and is priceless for those new to renovation.
Video 1: Builders & Trades 06:46

Video 2: Managing Trades 07:17

Video 3: Schedule & Site Management 10:44

Video 4: The Quick Quote Calculator 21:33

Video 5: Managing Your Budget 08:21
Done For You Resources
  • ​Selecting a Tradesman Checklist
  • ​On-Site Safety Checklist
  • ​Insurance Checklist
  • ​Scope of Works - Word Template
  • ​Scrapping Schedule and other Renovation Depreciation Tips
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator - Cosmetic Renovation Budget
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator - Structural Renovation Budget 
Module 8 - The Ultimate Guide To Cosmetic Renovations: How To Add Tens Of Thousands In Equity On A Budget
In this module we go step-by-step through the process of a cosmetic renovation.

You’ll learn how to make $2, $3 or even $4 for every $1 you spent - Even if you have no idea about interior style and have never touched a hammer in your life!

You’ll get templates for everything, including proven colour schemes that have been used throughout Australia (and OS) by myself and my students. (And fetched great returns.)

By the end of this module you will have learnt the specific methods to make serious money from the simplest form of renovation.

This is all about the most powerful and effective ways to add value to a property quickly and for the minimal amount of money.

In Module 8, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: Where is the Bang for Buck? 06:06

Video 2: Room by Room 05:25

Video 3: Painting and Finishes 05:47

Video 4: Cosmetic Renovation Case Study P1 09:48

Video 5: Cosmetic Renovation Case Study P2 09:35

Video 6: Cosmetic Renovation Case Study P3 13:00
Done For You Resources
  • ​Design Guide - Paint Colours Interior
  • ​Design Guide - Paint Colours Exterior
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 9 - The Ultimate Guide To Structural Renovations: How To Skyrocket Your Investment Into A Whole New Price Range With “The Box On The Back”
This module provides an in-depth look at carrying out a structural renovation.

Adding an additional structure or extension to a property can be daunting and expensive prospect.

However in this module we introduce a new low cost structural renovation method called The Box On The Back.

The Box on The Back was developed by the co-creator of this course John Hubbard. It’s made possible by modifying some of the techniques used in the commercial building industry.

In few weeks it’s possible to plug in some open plan wow factor for maximum value!
Video 1: The Preliminaries 06:39

Video 2: The Schedule 06:51

Video 3: Demolition & Strip Out 08:52

Video 4: Rough in & Plastering 07:02

Video 5: Wet Areas 08:39

Video 6: Bathrooms - Kitchens & Finishing Works 11:34

Video 7: The Box on the Back 15:16
Done For You Resources
  • ​The Box On The Back Building Drawings
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 10 - Common Reno Pitfalls (And How To Avoid Them)
We’ve seen (and made) virtually every renovation blunder out there.

In this module we’ve collated everything we’ve learnt into two clear, easy-to-digest videos - so you can piggyback off our experience and race to property success without the heartache!

Plus, we’ll share some of the sneaky property tricks we’ve picked up over the years that make the whole process smoother and more fun.

Module 10 is the guide I wish I’d had when I was getting started (it would have saved me a fortune!)

In Module 10, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: Common Mistakes 06:39

Video 2: Tips & Tricks 07:37

Video 3: Traps & Tests 05:37
Done For You Resources
  • ​The Box On The Back Building Drawings
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 11 - How To Leverage Your Equity A Multiply Your Portfolio
This is where things get really fun.

You’ve built new equity with your own bare hands. Now it’s time to leverage that equity to multiply your portfolio (and your net worth).

As an award winning Mortgage Broker, I’ve helped thousands of Australian investors through home-loan confusion. And in this module, I’ll share the best ways to use equity to build long-term wealth.

In Module 11, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: Impressing the Valuer 06:25

Video 2: The Valuation Template 10:59

Video 3: Equity Grows 05:02

Video 4: Accessing the Equity 05:48

Video 5: Building a Portfolio - How it Works 11:37

Video 6: Building Equity & Lending Strategies 11:32

Video 7: Renovating to Sell - Part One 08:52

Video 8: Renovating to Sell - Part Two 07:34
Done For You Resources
  • ​The Valuation Template
  • ​Selecting a Property Manager Checklist
  • ​Selecting a Sales Agent Checklist
  • ​State Guidelines & Information
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Module 12 - Review, Improve & Go Again!
Fine tuning the processes and techniques that will make us into even better renovators the next time around…

You made it! You’ve successfully pulled off a strategic renovation, and leverage your equity to go again. But before you do…

It’s time to review the success of your renovation.

In this module we’ll walk you through a review process so you can become an even better renovator next time around. We’ll look at what went right, but more importantly what you could do better.

We’ll also ask how we could streamline the processes and techniques so we can achieve more next time - with less time, money and effort.

In Module 12, We’ll Walk You Through…
Video 1: Review: Budget - Delays & Materials 05:55

Video 2: Review: Trades - Costs & Schedule 07:41

Video 3: Improvements & Course Conclusion 06:38
Done For You Resources
  • ​Property Review Checklist
  • ​RP Data Tutorials
Who Are The Architects Behind The Ultimate Guide To Renovation
Jane Slack-Smith, the author of Your Property Success with Renovation: 2 properties, 1 renovation, $1 million in the bank, started her career as a mining engineer.

She was one of the first women to enter the male domain of underground coal mining and despite a tough start, went on to become an explosives expert.

Jane has been recognised with multiple honours and awards for her pioneering contribution to the industry, including been profiled in the ABC's Australian Story TV program.

It was the challenges and discipline of explosives engineering that originally set her on the path to developing her property investment methodology called The Trid3nt Strategy®.

Today Jane and her husband Todd now own eight investment properties, and have just completed their seventh renovation.

Jane is passionate about helping everyday Australians achieve financial freedom through accelerated, low-risk, investment in property.
Jane Slack-Smith
The co-creator of The Ultimate Renovation Guide is renovator and property developer John Hubbard.
John’s extensive building knowledge of over 25 years adds a hands-on and practical dimension to the course content and monthly Q&A Mentor Calls.

After working as a tradesmen for 11 years John embarked on a new career in video production which included television, education and training. For the past 6 years John has been working full-time as a renovator and property developer.

John’s goal is to revolutionise the delivery of online education, by incorporating the latest technology and software into video training suited an individual's circumstances.
John Hubbard
More Proof That The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Works
“Hands down the best property course I have done”
I learnt so much from this course, if I had to pick one main thing it would be the fact that you can do the modules at your own pace.

When there is something you don’t understand you can stop and repeat it. Better still you can ask questions on the mentor calls. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who is interested in not only renovations, but property itself.
Kathy, Vic
"You are really getting a lot of value"
You are really getting a lot of value, in terms of the checklist, in terms of the video, in terms of the course, and the people it attracts.
Chris, Vic
"Now I can confidently do it myself..."
This is an excellent course not only for beginners, but also for people who already have experience. The biggest learning curve for me was the research and due diligence. Through the books I have read and my own research I had a little knowledge here and there but nowhere near enough to develop the confidence to do this myself.

Now I can confidently do it myself, do parts of it myself or apply due diligence to any experts I may engage to do this on my behalf.
Dylan, Vic
“It takes you through from go to woah!"
It has great case studies to take you through the whole renovation process. From what to look for during house inspections through to finding the traps and what to look out for. It takes you through all the do's and don'ts of the process.
Craig, QLD
"It is simple, clear and concise..."
LOVE this course as it takes you from the very beginning. It is simple, clear and concise in its delivery. And the endless tips on assessing a house... I can't recommend that enough. This is the complete course for me and I'll be referring to it every property purchase I make.
Cathy, QLD
We’ve Got Your Back:
Over-The-Top Customer Support
Our over-the-top customer service ensures you get the very best experience with this community and training. We constantly receive wonderful feedback about our support staff and are very proud of the culture that we have fostered here at Your Property Success.

Know that you can always reach us via email directly at or call 1300 96 36 46 (Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm).
On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Triple Guarantee
  • Results — We deliver the highest level of training that delivers amazing results.
  • Quality — Your Property Success is known for Over-The-Top Customer Service, Delivery and Learning Experience.
  • You’re Safe — this means you can enrol in this course and get full digital access to module 1 instantly and you have the freedom to cancel free of charge for a full 30 days if it does not meet your expectations. Just simply email: .
Diana Smith
Customer Happiness Manager
Join The Program And In 12-Weeks Time You’ll Be In One Of Three Scenarios...
The Best Case:
You’ve bought your first property below market value, conducted your first strategic renovation, added tens of thousands of dollars to your equity position, you’re enjoying good cashflow… and you’re getting ready for property number two.

What’s more, you have complete confidence in the process and your ability to repeat your success over and over again.

If you have watched the video at the top of the page, this is exactly what happened for Russell…
The Worst Case:
What if things go bad?

In the worst case, you’ve watched all the videos, taken action on all the exercises, attended the LIVE workshop… and you decide it’s a complete waste of time.

If this happens, we’ll happily refund all your money, no questions asked.

If you can’t see a clear and safe path forward after 30 days - this probably isn’t a good fit after all.
The Likely Case:
So, what’s the most likely situation you’ll find yourself in after 12-weeks on the course?
  • You’ll have a clear set of personalised investment goals and a clear strategy to reach your version of “property paradise”...
  • You’ll have a custom shortlist of ‘hot spot’ suburbs (and a visual map outlining exactly where you want to buy). These target suburbs suit your strategy, goals and borrowing capacity to the tee… and you’re confident they’ll outperform the rest of market....
  • You’ll have narrowed down the exact streets in these suburbs where you want to buy… and the exact blocks on those streets that will bring your the best return.
  • ​And, you’ll know exactly how to inspect a property and quickly estimate the renovation expenses and expected return - before you spend a cent.
How Much Does The Ultimate Guide To Renovation Cost?
Let’s talk about the investment in this program...

Right now, if you want to get started in renovating for profit, you have two options:
1) You buy a course..
I’m not going to lie, there are other courses on the market that will show you how to conduct a renovation...

And there are courses that will teach you proven property investing principals (setting goals, property strategy, working out where to buy etc)...


None of these courses combine both investment fundamentals -- AND -- detailed, step-by-step instruction through the Strategic Renovation process.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you want to buy the right property, in the right area, at the right price and then instantly boost your equity through a strategic renovation (and add at least $2, $3 or even $4 in equity for every $1 spent) - You’ll need to buy two separate courses.

The price for most of these courses is between $5,000 - $10,000 each.

So, you’re easily looking at forking out $10,000 to $20,000 in education alone.

Your other option is…
2) You teach yourself…
It is possible to learn all this stuff yourself. I did it.

Here’s how that path looks:
  • ​You buy and read all the relevant investing books (I engulfed over 200 when I was getting started). So that’s easily $2,000.
  • ​You sacrifice all your Saturdays for the foreseeable future and drag yourself around the property “seminar circuit”. You learn from all the gurus (and waste a heap of time listening to the pretenders). You could easily spent $10,000 on seminars alone. (You’ll also discover that, for every property expert who actually knows their stuff, there’s another three “spruikers” who’ll happily take your money and waste your weekend. Not ideal.)
  • ​Once you’re armed with the basics, you start buying and renovating houses and learning through trial and error… depending on how lucky you are, it’s possible you’ll waste tens of thousands… or even hundreds of thousands of dollars through costly mistakes.
So, that’s already a $12,000 - $200,000+ investment…

And when you consider the time-investment of this process, it get’s even more unappealing.

With the DIY approach, it can take anywhere from 5-15 years to really start making money with strategic renovations.

That’s a huge opportunity cost when you consider the property portfolio you could build during that time. (I often say, the average investor can easily put $1,000,000 in the bank over 15 years with just two properties, one renovation… the truth is you can achieve much more with three, four or even eight properties!)
Here’s The Problem With Getting Started With Renovation For Profit:
Neither of these approaches are ideal for investors who don’t have huge slabs of savings... or for those who want to start growing wealth with property now (not in fifteen years time).

That’s why I’ve created The Ultimate Guide To Renovation...

It’s the complete blueprint to take anyone from property novice, to strategic renovation pro in just 12 weeks.

Now you can follow a proven, predictable path to:
  • ​Identify ‘hot spot’ suburbs that are set to outperform the rest of the market over the next 3-5 years (and beyond).
  • ​Find ideal renovation properties within these ‘hot spots’ that match your budget, goals and borrowing capacity -- And -- which you can add significant value to through strategic renovation.
  • ​Negotiate a killer deal to buy these properties below market value.
  • ​Conduct the perfect strategic renovation to add $2, $3 or even $4 in equity for every $1 spent (in as little as 2-3 weeks)
  • ​Rinse, repeat and leverage your newly built equity to multiply your portfolio (and your wealth)...
  • ​All with step-by-step, expert advice and a supportive environment.
With that said, here’s how you can enrol in The Ultimate Guide To Renovation….
Get Started Now
Choose The Plan That Works Best For You






  • ​12-Month Access To ​The Suburb Selector Software (Normally $997)
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator (Ensure a profit for before you buy)
  • ​12 Months Trade Discount Card (Bargains all around Australia)






  • 12-Month Access To ​The Suburb Selector Software (Normally $997)
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator (Ensure a profit for before you buy)
  • ​12 Months Trade Discount Card (Bargains all around Australia)
Need Help or Have Questions?
We’re available right now to answer any question you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.
1300 96 36 46
Let’s Talk About The Price
$2,997? Isn’t that expensive?
I’ll tell you what is expensive…
  • ​The cost of doing nothing…
  • ​The cost of not being in the market and not growing your equity…
  • ​The cost of getting to retirement and having to live off the pension (it’s $24,000 per year currently)
  • ​The cost of working into your 70s...
  • ​The cost of a bad property deal…
  • ​The cost of a botched, or over-capitalised renovation…
They’re the things that will really cost you.

Having said that, I understand that this is a big decision. So, let me make this decision a no brainer for you…
Free Bonuses When You Take Action Today…
12-Month Access To The Suburb Selector Software
Suburb selection is perhaps the single biggest reason renovations fail to make a profit.

With the Suburb Selector Software, you can fast-track your entire research process so it takes hours not months.

In almost no time you'll be uncovering ‘hot spot’ areas. You’ll learn what to look out for, what to avoid and how to get the facts about which areas are set to grow.

(Value $997) Included in The Ultimate Guide To Renovation
The Quick Quote Calculator
The single biggest renovation fear that people have express to me about renovation is: “How can I work out how much the renovation will cost so I can be certain of making a profit?”

And this has been a real problem particularly those who are just starting out.

Which is why we developed the quick quote calculator. Imagine you found the perfect property with real potential but you need to know how much the renovation will cost.

Now imagine you possessed a tool that contained estimates for virtually every item within that property you needed? Wouldn’t it be a dream if instead of getting tons of quotes for every single property you looked at, you could instead do a simple and fast analysis?

The quick quote calculator makes doing an initial costing of a property fast and easy.

It contains over 25 years of intellectual property and it’s a game changer for analysing a properties potential to make a profit before you even buy.
(Value $997) Included in The Ultimate Guide To Renovation
12 Months Trade Discount Card
Our exclusive Renosave trade discount card gives you awesome discounts from a network of trade suppliers Australia wide.

This card is designed to save you thousands of dollars and gives you access to the leading national brands, industry icons and quality suppliers.
(Never Pay Retail) Included in The Ultimate Guide To Renovation
Here’s How To Get Started…
Enrolling in The Ultimate Guide To Renovation is easy, and only takes 5 minutes.

All you need to do is:
1. Click the button on this page to be taken to our secure registration page
2. Enter your basic details on the secure page
3. Pay your enrollment fee of $2,997 (or make your first payment of $497) on the same page. (we accept Paypal and most major credit cards.)
That’s it...

As soon as you’re done, you’ll be instantly redirected to our members-only area, where you’ll have immediate access to Module One. (Plus hours and hours of past coaching calls.)

You can get started on your goal setting and strategy selection right now, so you’re ready for our next LIVE Q&A coaching call.

Not ready to start learning right away?

No problem.

Once you enroll in the program and enter the members-only area, you can move through the content at your own pace.

You’ll have 12-months of online access to all the trainings, and every coaching call will be recorded so you can get up to speed in your own time.

If you’ve read this far, it’s time to take action because…
You’re At A Crossroads…
Right now, you stand at a fork in the road.

Do you carry on doing what you’re doing? Or do you take the plunge and enter the lucrative and exciting world of renovating for profit?

Let’s have a look at your options:
1) Life WITH The Ultimate Guide To Renovation…
You follow the proven blueprint to find, buy and profit from your first strategic renovation project…

You leverage your new equity to buy a second property… and maybe a third...

And in just five years time, your life could be drastically different.

Imagine this:

You’re the proud owner of a portfolio overflowing with well selected and strategically renovated properties…

These properties have substantially grown in value giving you a strong equity position…

And they potentially even pay you a good, regular, passive income. (So you’re no longer trapped trading time for money.)

You’ve laid the foundation for your family's financial future. And you’ve got more freedom than you’ve ever imagined.

The best bit?

You’ve experienced so much financial success and enjoyed the creative process of renovation so much… you’re ready to go again. Only this time, you’re doing it for fun!

That’s scenario one. The other scenario is...
1) Life WITHOUT The Ultimate Guide To Renovation…
You close this page and go back to your life.

Maybe you dabble in property... Maybe you stay on the sidelines too scared to jump in…

Whatever you do, you can be sure of this: Nothing will change for you unless you change your approach.

The only question is…
Do You Really Want To Take Control Of Your Financial Future?
This is the point in the page where most people would put on a “hard sell”.

But the truth is, I’m not interested in putting pressure on you.

I’m only interested in working with you if you’re ready to take action. And only you will know that for sure.

So, if you’re not ready - that’s fine. No hard feelings.

But if you are ready to embark on this journey -- and you’re committed to taking action to transform your financial future -- I’d love to have you on the program…

All you need to do is click the button below, enter your details and enrol in The Ultimate Guide To Renovation right now.

You’ll then be whisked into the members-only area where you’ll get immediate access to Module One, a whole heap of content and access to our exclusive community.

I’ll see you on the other side very soon 🙂
To your success,
Jane Slack-Smith
Do I get ongoing access to all of the course content?
YES Absolutely!

The course itself runs over 12 weeks and we go through all the content together, one step at a time (1 module per week). At the end of that period, you have unrestricted access to all of video content, templates, software and downloads.
Do I need renovation experience?
The Ultimate Guide to Renovation is designed to take someone with no prior renovation experience and give them the knowledge to take on their first project with confidence.
Great care has been taken in putting this course together so that information is presented in a clear and simple step-by-step manner. The videos themselves are 4-7 minutes in length, and our students tell us how helpful it is to go back and watch the content again and again.
The single biggest piece of feedback that we get from students who have completed the course is CONFIDENCE!
Do I need a property already?
The short answer is no.
If you DO already own a property, then that’s great! This course will take you step by step through exactly what tasks you need to do in order to add substantial value to your property.
If you DON’T have a property yet – or even if you are a year or more away from purchasing a property – then this course is for you.
This course will empower you with the knowledge on how to find the right suburb and the right property for your budget. It then shows you how to renovate that property to add the greatest possible value.
This is the same model that I have used to build a multimillion-dollar property portfolio.
This course is all about evidence-based decision making that is already resulting in real profits with our students.
How much does a renovation cost? How can I avoid overcapitalising?
For someone just starting out, figuring out what work needs to be done and how much it costs can be a daunting task.

Unknown costs can quickly turn a budget upside down and lead to overcapitalisation and NO profit (or worse, losing money).

The Ultimate Guide to Renovation follows a step-by-step system of property due diligence, which includes checklists covering every aspect of selecting a property.

This includes information about the professionals that you need to use, such as building and pest inspector, and when to use them.

Renovation Costs:
One of the most unique features of The Ultimate Guide to Renovation and what sets it apart from any other renovation course on the market is our Quick Quote Calculator.

This tool provides individual Cost Estimates for nearly every single item possible in a renovation.

Put together from over 25 years of renovation experience, this tool allows students to work out their renovation cost before they even purchase a property! The Quick Quote Calculator is only available to students of The Ultimate Guide to Renovation.
I would prefer not to pay all at once. Can I make a payment arrangement?
Yes. I have been asked this question so many times, so I have set up a payment plan to make it easy for people:
Get Started Now
Choose The Plan That Works Best For You






  • ​12-Month Access To ​The Suburb Selector Software (Normally $997)
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator (Ensure a profit for before you buy)
  • ​12 Months Trade Discount Card (Bargains all around Australia)






  • 12-Month Access To ​The Suburb Selector Software (Normally $997)
  • ​The Quick Quote Calculator (Ensure a profit for before you buy)
  • ​12 Months Trade Discount Card (Bargains all around Australia)
Need Help or Have Questions?
We’re available right now to answer any question you might have and help you make the wisest choice for you.
1300 96 36 46