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"New Rules for Property Wealth in 2018 and Beyond"
The Australian property environment is changing fast. I’m running a FREE webinar to show you the strategies that will succeed in 2018 and beyond (while the old “sure thing” strategies fail and flop).
Learn the proven property strategies that will succeed in 2018 (and beyond)...
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Join The Webinar With Jane Slack-Smith

Property expert, best-selling author and successful investor
Here’s just some of what you'll learn:
  •  How the average Australian can still achieve financial-freedom with property – You’ll probably find you can do it much sooner than you thought - even if you want to drive modern cars, eat at fancy restaurants and enjoy extended sojourns to Europe each year!
  •  How to make sense of the recent (and looming) changes to the Australian property landscape. You’ll learn the legal loopholes and strategies to minimise the effect of APRA changes, rising interest rates, decreased affordability and more. (So you can easily service your loans, scale your portfolio and rack up “time in the market” over the next 5-15 years.)
  •  A simple investing strategy that lets you live where you want, with the lifestyle you want – right now – while still minimising your living costs and growing your wealth through property. (You can send your kids to the best schools, live in a luxurious home, enjoy the inner-city ‘high life’ and still be sitting pretty come retirement.)  
  •  How to collaborate with your family and friends to get into the market sooner - before being crippled by looming lending changes. (When done right - this is a win/win situation for everyone involved.)
  •  The little-known “home hopping” strategy that lets you sidestep lending limits so you can stretch your money further. (With this strategy you’ll be in the market and seeing capital gains while other investors are still struggling to pull together a monster deposit.)
  •  How to use the Suburb Selector Software to uncover affordable, ‘future-proof’ property and enjoy above average growth. (You won’t just find the precise suburbs that will grow faster than the rest… but the precise streets within those suburbs… and the precise houses in those streets!) 
  •  How you can tap into your equity now so you’re prepared to buy A-grade properties when the time is right… (You’ll be in the box seat to snap up properties that unprepared investors are forced to unload onto the market come “crunch time”…in 5 years time people will be calling you “lucky”!)
  •  How to build equity faster through strategic renovations - so you can grow your wealth actively - rather than just sitting on your hands and hoping.
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